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Makeup Tips for Redheads

The right makeup underlines your facial features and the wrong one even spoils your natural beauty. But the thing is not just about doing perfect makeup, believe it’s not enough! You should mind many things, especially hair color! This article will give makeup tips for redheads to deal with makeup mistakes!

First make out what kind of red hair you have. Actually, it’s three of them and all of them have their makeup peculiarities. Well, they are copper (orange) red, violet red and true red. Copper has also its categories like very dark reds, and true reds that are visible by their natural hue.

So, if you have revealed your hair color shade, see general makeup tones for you! For copper, violet redheads and purple shades you should do orangey makeup, for true reds and red shades you should apply pinky makeup! Now, other makeup tips in detail!

Makeup for Redheads: Lips

Red color of hair doesn’t put limits on makeup, it’s just you should find the best match! You may apply green eye makeup, which suits great with red hair and makes some autumnal mood! For some boldness, you may go for a daring outfit, this way you will have looks that would complete each other!

Makeup for Redheads: Brows

It’s a tip for all hair colors – brows should be a bit darker than your hair is! So when it comes to red hair, that’s very important! If you don’t have special makeup products for brows, you may use dark eye-shadow for them not to have a bold look. Use a mascara brush for some small corrections!

Makeup for Redheads: Freckles

You may happen to see many girls with red hair and freckles! Yes, natural red hair girls are often seen with freckles! You may like it or not, but it’s not necessarily to cover them up! Well, if you really want to hide them, choose good quality cover tone not to have inaccurate look!

Makeup for Redheads: Sunscreen

If you are a natural redhead and until now haven’t used sunscreen, we warn you that for you it’s a vital thing! Apply sunscreen every time you go out! That would take just a few minutes!

Now you know the key factors of being a redhead! We are sure that if you use these makeup tips for redheads you will always look gorgeous in any shade of red!

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