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Skincare Unveiled: The Reality of Bionyx Products

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Apparently, I’m a difficult person to shop for. So, to make life easier for my loved ones, I gave them a bit of guidance in the run-up to my 35th birthday. At the top of the list? Skincare that would help to reverse and prevent the visible signs of aging. 

As you can imagine, I received a number of intriguing products as a result. Most were from brands that I was familiar with, but there was also one hefty haul from Bionyx – a brand that I had never used before. My sister, who was drawn in by the hype surrounding this brand, carefully trawled through their platinum-infused collections and picked out a few products that she thought I would enjoy. Here’s the lowdown on each product I’ve used, along with whether or not I would buy them for myself.

The Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe

Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe

Although I don’t have any deep wrinkles, I’m always complaining about the fine lines that have appeared around my eyes and mouth, making it no surprise that the Bionyx Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe was one of my gifts. 

I’ve used products similar to this before – formulas that promise to instantly smooth away the look of wrinkles. However, they never quite deliver, especially not in the way that this one does. The syringe-like applicator makes it easy to target individual wrinkles, and you only need to eject a tiny amount of product onto each one. Smooth it in with your fingertips and then wait for a minute or two before admiring your wrinkle-free complexion!

At first, I couldn’t quite believe how well this product works. However, a little research into its ingredient list explained things. This formula contains a blend of fast-acting ingredients, including the likes of acetyl hexapeptide-8, sodium hyaluronate, and DMAE. Individually, each one is fantastic for plumping away the look of facial creases, with these visible effects significantly magnified when this trio is combined.

As tempted as I am to use this serum every day, I save it for special occasions in a bid to make it last longer. That said, once it runs out, it’s a product that I will most definitely be repurchasing!

The BioLift Platinum Deep Wrinkle Concentrate


While the Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe is designed to provide an immediate solution to the appearance of wrinkles, the Bionyx BioLift Platinum Deep Wrinkle Concentrate needs more time to work. This serum harnesses the power of vitamins and antioxidants to turn back the clock on the complexion.

First things first – this serum is beautifully lightweight. I was slightly concerned about it containing sunflower seed oil, but this doesn’t make the serum feel greasy or sticky in any way. It disappears into my skin after just a few seconds, leaving my skin feeling silky to the touch.

It has now been two months since I started using this serum and I can see a definite improvement in the look of my fine lines. Both my mouth and my eye area look much smoother. They also feel firmer and more elastic. My skin once again has a bounce to it that I thought it had lost forever!

It’s worth mentioning that although this serum takes a while to soften the look of wrinkles, its hydrating effects can be seen instantly. It gives my skin a fuller and more luminous appearance – I’ve come to rely on it whenever I wake up with a dull and tired complexion. It’ll most certainly continue to be a mainstay in my daily skincare routine.

The Platinum Transformative Thermal Mask

Transformative Thermal Mask

I love face masks – I use them every weekend without fail. I’ve tried many but thermal masks were new to me. These masks contain thermal catalysts that are activated when the mask is rubbed onto the skin. They cause the mask to gently heat up, making the entire experience feel more decadent!

At least, that’s what the Bionyx Platinum Transformative Thermal Mask does. It offers ten minutes of pure, unadulterated bliss. While I sometimes take the opportunity to get some housework done while I have a mask on my face, the spa-like sensation that this one provides is enough to convince me to sit back, relax, and enjoy some me-time. 

Of course, this mask isn’t solely about taking some time out. According to Bionyx, it’s designed to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I can 100% attest to that claim. My face looks smoother once I rinse the mask off, with my creases looking significantly lighter.

I also love how bright my skin looks after I’ve used this mask. It glows in a way that other products have never been able to induce! Definitely one to buy again. 

The Rhodium Night Recovery Cream

Rhodium Night Cream

Due to work-related late nights, my skin used to often look tired and haggard in the morning. This has worsened with age – I used to be able to get away with just a few hours of sleep! I have an overnight face mask that helps to whip my complexion back into shape but I end up with breakouts if I use it too often.

So, I’ve been on the hunt for a rich but non-greasy night cream for a while now. Nothing seemed to meet the mark, until I tried the Bionyx Rhodium Night Recovery Cream. 

The hand feel of this cream is lustrously silky. It’s a lighter-weight formula than many of the other night creams I’ve used in the past, even though it contains a blend of plant butters and oils. This makes it so much more enjoyable to use – I don’t end up sliding around on my pillow!

In terms of how it works, it couldn’t perform any better. I noticed a difference in my skin the very first morning after using this cream, even though I had once again had a late night. I’ve been using it every night since then – I’m loving the bright, soft, and healthy complexion that it has me waking up to!

Final Verdict on Bionyx Skincare

After trying four Bionyx skincare products, I am, without a doubt, completely impressed. I can see why this brand is a firm favorite among many – it’s definitely one of mine now too! Not only will I continue to buy the four products featured above, but I’m excited about exploring all of the other high-quality skincare formulas crafted by this brand in the future.

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