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Five-Product Skin Care Regimen

Woman applying sunscreen to arms

While I’m a self-admitted skincare junkie, I find the popular and trendy 12-step Korean skincare regimens daunting to say the least. First of all, how does one remember which product to use in what order? Second of all, while I enjoy taking care of my skin, I don’t necessarily want to spend an hour each […]

9 Skin Emergencies and How to Fix Them

No matter how much care you may take of your skin, emergencies can and will arise. Here are nine of the most common skin emergencies out there, along with all you need to know when it comes to fixing them. A New, Inflamed Blemish Blemishes can often appear out of nowhere, and they usually seem […]

What Do You Think About Skin Care from A Makeup Line?

Handmade soap bars on wooden table

While some brands excel at both, usually a cosmetics company focuses on either makeup or skincare. What do you typically think about buying skincare from a makeup line? Here are a few examples of makeup lines that have expanded into skincare products: Bobbi Brown – Most known for their foundation formulas and their lipsticks, Bobbi […]

Make These Skin Care Changes for Spring

Woman removing makeup with cotton pad

In the same way that our wardrobe sheds layers and our makeup lightens up for spring, we should also take a look at our skincare regimen. The warmer (and possibly more humid) weather means that the cream cleansers and heavy moisturizers might go back in the cabinet for a few months. Here are five points […]

A Guide for Choosing Your Skin Care Serum or Treatment

Woman with skin care product

One of the most crucial steps in a skincare regime is the treatment product.  But if you shop just on Sephora’s website alone, there are almost five hundred treatment products alone.  That is a lot of product to sift through just to find the right one! So how do you narrow down the playing field?  […]

Tips to Avoid Razor Burn

Woman shaves her leg with shaving cream

There’s nothing worse than when you reach down to your legs expecting to feel your smooth and silky skin and instead you see red, bumpy, and painful blotches! No matter how long you’ve been shaving for, getting 100% razor burn-free skin 100% of the time is almost an impossible feat. That’s why we’ve compiled these […]

Coconut Oil for the Skin

Female hands holding slices of coconut

I’ve read several articles about coconut oil and its many wonders—especially when used for conditioning your hair. But did you know that it can also be used for taking care of your skin? Coconut oil is rich in nutrients which help retain moisture in your skin. Moisturized skin heals faster and generally looks better, so […]

How Often Should You Apply Sunscreen?

There are a number of things that you can get from the sun. Aside from a great golden glow, the sun also gives you healthy doses of Vitamin D. However, too much sun exposure can also do a lot of harm to your skin. Aside from opening yourself up to sunburn, it can also cause […]