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What Do You Think About Skin Care from A Makeup Line?

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While some brands excel at both, usually a cosmetics company focuses on either makeup or skincare. What do you typically think about buying skincare from a makeup line? Here are a few examples of makeup lines that have expanded into skincare products:

  • Bobbi Brown – Most known for their foundation formulas and their lipsticks, Bobbi Brown now offers a wide range of skincare solutions as well, including their Extra Collection for dry skin and their recently launched Remedies Collection for targeted treatments. The skincare products seem to have as much thought put into them as the original makeup products.
  • Laura Mercier – This brand is most famous for their Secret Camouflage concealer and their Tightline Cake Eye Liner. They do have a basic skincare line to complement their color cosmetics, but it seems like almost an afterthought.
  • Trish McEvoy – Trish is another makeup line that has branched out into skincare. Most of the products seem rather ordinary except for the Beauty Booster® Cream SPF 30 and the Beauty Balm Instant Solutions® SPF 35.
  • M∙A∙C – This brand is known for their makeup, with celebrity spokespeople and an enormous color range. While primers and removers do seem like a natural extension of their makeup lines, offering eye cream and face moisturizer does seem like it’s reaching.

Personally, it seems that some companies should just stick to what they know best. I think it depends on whether the skincare seems to be an extension of their makeup philosophies or just an added afterthought. Some products seem like they could be a natural extension of the makeup, such as a tinted moisturizer or a tinted lip treatment.

What do you think – can you get respectable and hard-working skincare products from a makeup brand?

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