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Coconut Oil for the Skin

Female hands holding slices of coconut

I’ve read several articles about coconut oil and its many wonders—especially when used for conditioning your hair. But did you know that it can also be used for taking care of your skin? Coconut oil is rich in nutrients which help retain moisture in your skin. Moisturized skin heals faster and generally looks better, so read on find out ways on how you can use coconut oil to keep your skin in good condition.

Coconut Oil for the Skin

  • You can use coconut oil as a kind of facial moisturizer after your skin has been cleansed. If you have particularly dry skin, it would be beneficial for you to leave on coconut oil overnight. Just remember to wash off any residues in the morning.
  • Use coconut oil to avoid too much wrinkling around the eyes. Rub gently around the eyes and condition the skin there to keep it supple.
  • Apply coconut oil on patches of your skin which become dry. If your elbows become scaly, when you have some dry areas, if the soles of your feet are a bit rough, or if your lips feel like they’re about to crack, you can apply a thin layer of coconut oil to help bring back some moisture to them.

Coconut Oil for the Skin 2

  • You can use coconut oil as a good natural body lotion. Just make sure to apply it all over your arms and legs evenly and rub it until it’s absorbed completely by your skin.
  • If you’re having some problems with eczema and dryness, you can use organic coconut oil. It has a soothing effect on the skin and gives your sensitive skin an extra layer of moisture and protection. It would be wise to consult your dermatologist if doing this for your eczema can help, but it is a good option to look into.
  • If you have dry cuticles, you can apply some coconut oil onto your nails and you’ll see how easily it can recondition your nails and the surrounding areas.

Instead of just using coconut oil as a natural hair conditioner, why not try these methods to have great skin as well?

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