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Make These Skin Care Changes for Spring

Woman removing makeup with cotton pad

In the same way that our wardrobe sheds layers and our makeup lightens up for spring, we should also take a look at our skincare regimen. The warmer (and possibly more humid) weather means that the cream cleansers and heavy moisturizers might go back in the cabinet for a few months. Here are five points to highlight about caring for your skin as the temperatures warm back up.

  • Get back on track about using your sunscreen. With the weather turning warmer, you’re more than likely spending more time outdoors which means it is time to protect that complexion.
  • Many people skip exfoliation during the winter because their skin is too delicate from the elements outside and the heaters inside. It’s time to shed those dead skin cells like a winter coat, and reveal the fresh new skin underneath.
  • Cleansing is also very important. Your winter cleanser might be too heavy or too moisturizing now, so make the transition to a milky or foaming cleanser to make sure you’re still removing all of that makeup before bed.
  • Do not forget your lip balm. If you plan to be outdoors, use one that contains sunscreen and always make sure to apply a sunscreen-free one before bed so that you wake up with softer lips.
  • Even if the weather is warm and humid outside, you will still need your moisturizer, just make sure to transition from a heavy cream to a lighter lotion or from a light lotion to an oil-free gel, depending on your skin type.

And as we have mentioned before, do not restrict your skincare to the skin located above your neck. Try to treat your entire body, especially the décolleté, with the same loving care as you give your face.

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