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Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Excited to explore the upcoming new makeup and beauty trends? Well, how about getting more detailed information about the top spring 2014 beauty trends? To do so simply take a sneak peek and see what’s considered in this spring and start planning your brand new look! Orange Nails and Lips Well after the unforgettable impact […]

Extravagant Winter Makeup Trends

To have an extravagant makeup in winter is very essential. When it is summer or spring and everything is bright and lively, you don’t need to wear colorful makeup in order to look extravagant. Instead, you try to keep your makeup natural. As for dull and cold winter, you should add some glitter and life […]

New Beauty Trend: Berry Lips

If your favorite red lipstick seems a little boring, and you seek for an intrepid look, you may experiment with a new beauty trend. Wear berry lips and your attractive lip color will provide you with a stunning look. There are many celebrities, who rock this new beauty trend. There are various stylish shades of […]

Spring/Summer 2014 Beauty Trends

Just as you were getting used to the fashion trends of this fall/winter 2013, our beloved designers decided to present the new fashion requirements for the upcoming spring/summer 2014! Thus, get informed and start planning you new look for the sunny seasons why not starting from now. So, check out the top ten styling trends […]