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Skincare for the Weekends

Woman applying face mask

Do you tend to reduce your skincare regimen over the weekend or step it up?  If you wear less makeup, then a reduced skincare regimen might be in order.  Perhaps you step back and just use a mild cleanser and a restorative moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and happy.  If you tend to wear more makeup during your weekend activities, you may need to add an oil-based makeup remover to take care of the long-lasting lipstick or waterproof eyeliner.

The weekend is also an excellent time to treat your complexion to an at-home facial.  Most people do not have time to pamper their skin during the regular week days, but the weekend might provide more time to care for yourself.

Here is an easy five-step facial routine that you can accomplish at home:

  • Cleanse – You can use your regular cleanser to start your facial. Just remember to massage it thoroughly to stimulate circulation.
  • Exfoliate – There is no point to treating the dead skin cells. Exfoliation helps prep the skin for all of your other treatments.
  • Steam – Steaming the skin helps soften it and prepare the pores for receiving the treatments. The easiest way is to fill the sink with warm to hot water, soak a washrag, and press it to your face.
  • Treat – For oilier skin, stick with a clay-based mask. For drier skin, try a cream or gel mask.  If you have combination skin, use both in the areas that need them.
  • Moisturize – Avoid any retinol or AHA creams since your skin is freshly buffed and may be sensitive. A facial oil would also be great.

A couple of little extras to add into the regimen include a lip scrub and a lip mask, or even a hand treatment.

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