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How to Build ‘Yourself’ into the Household Budget

Woman relaxing in spa

Do you plan specific beauty spending into the budget, or do you just allocate a ‘personal’ fund and let that dictate what you can spend in a month?

Creating a household budget is complicated, with several moving parts.  Not only do you have the upkeep on your residence, but there are almost always additional payments such as debt or vehicles or education to contend with.  Even the grocery bill can get outrageous if you allow it to happen.

Many people prefer to budget for personal expenses such as trips to the spa or a new face mask.  It helps control the cost and minimize how much debt you incur.

It is a good idea to plan and budget for personal expenditures so that you do not feel deprived if you are watching your money.  To completely eliminate things that relax or refresh or restore you will only need to more stress down the line.

Perhaps a monthly trip to the spa is a priority.  Or your daily trip to the gym helps keep you sane.  These are the items that you should allow for in the budgeting process.  Many facilities offer a monthly program such as $69 per month will get you either a facial or a massage; gyms almost always have regular monthly fees as well.  Having this cost set helps lock in the budget you need to allow.

Daily maintenance is also something to factor in to the monthly budgeting process – regular use items such as shampoo, deodorant, or razors.

So when you sit down to create this year’s monthly budget, make sure to allow for taking care of yourself.  Whether that be a facial or a book club, taking care of yourself will help take care of everything else.

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