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Five Tips For A Smoother, Closer Shave

Woman shaving legs

In addition to the date night skincare and makeup routines, having soft smooth skin everywhere can make you feel confident and ready to face your evening plans. Here are five quick easy tips on how to get softer smoother legs (and most of them work for the underarm and bikini areas too!).

  • Exfoliate first. Buffing away those dead skin cells will help the razor get closer to the root of the problem (the hair). The added bonus is that those dead skin cells will not clog the razor and potentially cause nicks or cuts. You can use either a body scrub or a dry brush depending on your preference.
  • Change frequently. If you are using disposable razors, remember to dispose of them! After about three or four uses, it is time to change them out for a fresh sharp blade. They can accumulate rust in a damp environment of your shower and they can get microscopic nicks in the blade edge that can wreak havoc on the legs.
  • Protect your skin. Most people have better luck shaving with some sort of product to help the razor glide along the skin. There are multiple shaving creams available, or you can use your regular body wash or hair conditioner. Check the men’s products too!
  • Moisturize afterwards. All of that fresh smooth skin craves nourishing moisture, so make sure to protect that glowing skin. The skin can get irritated during the shaving process and applying lotion afterwards can help soothe the skin.
  • Ignore the rules. If you have sensitive skin, you might be better off shaving with the grain instead of against it. Some bar soaps are actually designed for shaving. Likewise, your skin might do better with a dry shave.

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