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Discovering New Brands: Vapour Organic Beauty

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I have recently discovered a new organic brand that I cannot wait to try! Vapour Beauty has a simple skincare line as well as a beautiful cosmetics line. I have recently ordered a sample set ($15 for five samples plus $2.75 shipping but it also comes with a $10 coupon code). I haven’t had a chance to try the samples just yet, but here is what I’ve ordered:

Clarity Organic Makeup Remover
I love the idea of a cleanser and makeup remover in one, and the older my skin gets, the more it dislikes a foaming cleanser.

Illusionist Concealer
Lately, I have struggled to find a good concealer that blends in flawlessly. I ended up ordering a sample of the shade that they recommended (015, see note below) so we shall see!

Halo Illuminator
Not all highlighters are created equally, and I’m hopeful for this one. I have been on the search for one that gives my skin that youthful glow without actual shimmer or sparkle. This one looks promising from the online swatches and pictures.

Aura Multi Use Classic
In line with my love of all thing multi-purpose, I had to try these multi-use sticks in Spark (described as sheer pinky peach) and Charm (described as natural peaches and cream). I can’t figure out what color would truly be best to use on lips and cheeks and eyes so we will see how these work,

Another amazing feature to note about the site, that I tested just to see the results, was the ability to complete a short form and send them a picture for color recommendations. They were very quick and thorough in their response and I loved the customer service idea of the personal recommendation.

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