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Bad Skin Habits That Make You Look Older

You shouldn’t take care of your skin without a great knowledge of it. Dermatologists help you pointing the bad skin habits that make you look older.

1.  Don’t be Afraid of Retinoids

Dermatologists claim that retinoids are not considered aggressive. Moreover, they are able to replace the dead skin cells with the new ones. Now, retinoids are high in gentle ingredients and don’t cause irritation. It is among the bad skin habits that make you look older.

2.  Apply Sunscreen Everywhere

Each part of your body needs protection. You should use SPF not only on your face and on your neck, but also on your jaw line and hairline, as cancer may appear in these parts, as well, claims Dennis Gross.

3.   Apply Moisturizer Considering Your Skin Type

While aging, your skin becomes dry and sensitive to some products. It means that you should change your moisturizer, considering your skin type. Always applying the same moisturizer is one of the bad skin habits that make you look older.

4.  Differentiate Between Teen and Adult Acne

If you try to get rid of your adult acne like the teen one, you will face another bad skin habit that makes you look older. Consider that there are different reasons of pimple creation. Teen pimples are created because of having oily skin or you are in the period of puberty. The adult pimples appear because of stress and hormonal changes. Jeanette Graf recommends curing the teen pimples with a cleanser, which is high in salicylic acid and opt for benzoyl peroxide with 2.5 percent.

5.  Apply Products at the Right Time

If you don’t apply the products at the right time, it will be a bad skin habit that makes you look older. Create a right schedule and choose the morning to apply antioxidants. The night should be dedicated to the exfoliants.

6.  Go for Anti-Aging Remedies

Postponing the anti-aging remedies, you will have much problem later and look older in a few years. As soon as you notice fine lines, start preventing them with serums and soft lotions, which are high in peptides.

7.  Don’t Follow the Latest Trends of Caring Skin

There are so many product varieties to take care of your skin, that you may be tempted to try. However, you had better use those products with which you are acquainted. It is well known that retinoids and peptides fight against wrinkles. While salicylic acid is great for pimples and green tea soothes inflammation. It is also proved that vitamin K gets rid of the dark circles under the eyes.

Be careful not to carry out bad skin habits that make you look older. Do everything in time and in the right way.

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