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Precious Makeup Tips for Applying Blush Right

Provide your skin with freshness with the precious makeup tips. They will help you apply blush right.

1.  Provide Your Skin with Healthy Shine

Laura Mercier, one of the best makeup artists, claims that your skin may get a healthy shine by adding color to your cheeks. There are various shades that you may choose, taking into account your skin color. If your skin is pale, you should the rose shade. If you have medium skin tone, you had better opt for the apricot shade. While dark-skinned women should try the mute red tone.

2.  Choose Blush with Right Formula

Opting for a blush with the right formula is one of the precious makeup tips. Jillian Dempsey recommends going for the cream blush, if you have a dry skin. It is also good for normal skin types, as it creates a natural look. If your skin is either normal or oily, you had better apply blush, having a powder formula. In case of oily skin, you are advised to go for the gel blush.

3.  Go for the Right Tools

Rights tools are among the precious makeup tips for applying blush right. To achieve a blush in a bright tone, you should use a fan type of brush. It helps the brush sit on your face evenly. If you want to create a thick base, you have to use a big type of blush. Dempsey gives privilege to brushes with synthetic bristles. You are recommended using your fingers while applying blushes with cream and gel formula.

4.  Perfect Base

It’s very essential to have a perfect base before applying the blush. Otherwise, your skin will look uneven. Going for a primer is another precious makeup tip for applying blush right, says Mally Roncal.

5.  Apply Light Powder

Great makeup stylist Mercier advises to opt for light powder before applying the blush. This precious makeup tip is your key to a long lasting blush. You should apply it even on your oily skin.

6.  Find the Right Place

To get a natural-looking makeup, you should clearly know the right place of applying blush. Find the cheek apples by smiling and spread the blush on that area. Then blend it taking the upper direction with a brush. Consider the importance of this precious makeup tip for applying blush right.

7.  Consider the Form of Your Face

To highlight your cheekbones, you should apply the blush right. Taking into account the form of your face is one of the precious makeup tips. If your face is round, you should apply the blush on your apples and then go to the cheekbones until you reach the temples, recommends Pat McGrath. In case of a thin face, go to the middle part of your cheeks and then spread the blush to the cheekbones. In case of a long face, spread the blush on your apples and go to the temples. Apply a little blush on your chin and at your eyelid. If your face is square, first apply the blush on your apples and go down to your cheek hollows, recommends Roncal.

8.  Go for Layering

If you want your blush stay on your cheeks for a long time, you should take into account another precious makeup tip, as well. You are advised to use a cream blush and then spread light powder and complete your look, applying powder blush. The shade will stay long.

9.  Choose the Right Finish

Taking into account the type of your skin while choosing the finish. If you want your skin to look alive, you may opt for glittery blushes. In case your skin is oily, you had better apply blushes, which are matte. Pale and dark-skinned women should try transparent blushes.

10.  Never Go for Overflushing

If you want to get rid of the redness of your cheeks, you had better apply opaque foundation and then go for blush. Blushes in peach and bronze tones will greatly help you. In case of a rosy skin, opt for a mute rose shade.

Blush is an essential element of your makeup. Thus, you should get acquainted with the precious makeup tips for applying blush right.

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