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DIY Moisturizer Recipes That Are Easy and Fun

While preparing DIY moisturizers at home, consider that you won’t be able to reproduce the same fine texture as you have in case of moisturizing creams. It’s because the natural moisturizer recipes greatly differ in their ingredients, and they are not high in additives.

Create easy and fun moisturizers yourself with natural ingredients, having a look at these DIY moisturizer recipes.

DIY moisturizer recipe with Vitamin E, Coconut and Lavender Oils

If you are in search of an easy and fun recipe to prepare a moisturizer at your home, you should go for these easy-purchased ingredients. You will just need coconut oil (1/2 cup), oil of Vitamin E (1 teaspoon) and lavender oil (5-7 drops). Vitamin E will help to create a thick paste, which is more like the moisturizing products found in the stores. Blend all these three ingredients and keep in a jar.

If you find that lavender oil is not good for your skin, you may easily substitute it for another essential oil. In case of adding peppermint, 5 drops is enough. This moisturizer should not be applied on your tresses.

DIY moisturizer recipe with Beeswax and Cocoa Butter

One of the reasons of not preparing moisturizers at home is that they don’t last long and don’t provide you with the desired texture. Here is a fantastic DIY moisturizer recipe, which will last for 6 months. Just mix olive oil (1/2 cup), coconut oil (1/4 cup), beeswax (1/4 cup), oil of Vitamin E (1 teaspoon) and cocoa butter (2 tablespoons). Add water (2 inches) in the pot and put it on the kitchen stove. Place the jar in the pot and wait until it melts. After blending the ingredients, take the jar from the pot and your moisturizer will be ready.

DIY moisturizer recipe with Oils

To prepare a fantastic moisturizing product yourself, you may mix various oils and apply it on your skin. Just find out which oils are good for your skin type. Take the base oil, which should be 2/3 of the paste and add other oils such as jojoba oil or argan oil. For a sweet taste, you may add almond oil or go for Roseship seed oil, which will also remove scars.

There exist a great number of moisturizer recipes, which you may prepare at your home. However, these three DIY moisturizer recipes are quite easy and fun to make. Besides, their ingredients are natural and safe.

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