Head-To-Toe Guide to Unwanted Hair Removal

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There are various ways of removing unwanted hair. You may opt for shaving or waxing. You may try depilatory or laser, as well. Consider the part of your body and go for any of the mentioned methods. Here are head-to-toe guide to unwanted hair removal.

Head-To-Toe Guide to Unwanted Hair Removal

1.  Tweezing Your Brows

Before tweezing your brows, define the starting and the ending spots of your brows, using a white pencil. The starting point should begin where your nose starts and your brows should end where your eye corner ends. To remove the unwanted hair from our brows, you should go for waxing. Visit a specialist, instead of doing it yourself. Avoid applying retinoids a week before waxing your brows, as they may cause redness.

2.  The Unwanted Hair on Your Upper Lip

Here is another head-to-toe guide to unwanted hair removal. If you want to remove your mustache, you may try laser, wax or depilatory cream. Though the process of lasering is not cheap, it will provide you with a pure skin for a year, as it will remove the hair roots.

If you are for waxing, you should consider that the upper part of your lip is very sensitive. Wax each section separately and remove the wax strip taking the upper direction. You will enjoy your clean skin for several weeks.

Depilatory creams are also able to remove the unwanted hair from your upper lip. It will take you 5 minutes to apply this method. You are advised to go for testing and then use it on that part of your face to prevent any bad reaction. Depilatory creams will provide you with hairless skin for a week.

Head-To-Toe Guide to Unwanted Hair Removal

3.  The Underarms Unwanted Hair

Opt for any of these methods: shaving, waxing and lasering. If you are for shaving, you should use the razor in various directions in order to remove all the unwanted hair.

If you opt for waxing, you will get thinner hair afterwards. It won’t require much effort and is quite cheap. Consider that you should remove your underarm hair in small parts in order not to be too painful.

For better results, you had better try the lasering method. After going for this expensive method for 6 times, your hair will not grow any more or will become very little.

4.  The Unwanted hair on Your Forearms

If you want to remove unwanted hair from your forearms, take into account one of these head-to-toe guides. Instead of shaving your forearms, you are recommended opting for waxing. Dermatologists also advise to try the lasering method, as it is very effective. After several sessions, you will not have any hair on your forearms.

5.  The Unwanted Hair on Your Bikini Area

If you have enough courage, you had better go for waxing to remove the unwanted hair on your bikini area. Your skin is very sensitive and you are advised to drink a little wine before applying this method. It’s very essential to have long hair in order to carry out this method. Consider that you should wax small hair parts. After this process, you had better apply aloe lotion to soften your skin and to get rid of redness.

6.  The Unwanted Hair on Your Legs

Shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams are the best ways of removing the unwanted hair from your legs. The process of shaving is very easy and quick. Besides, it won’t take you much time and money. High quality razors will not irritate your skin.

Though waxing may be a bit painful, it can give you pure skin for several weeks. Again learn the right way of applying and removing the wax and enjoy the result.

If you are more inclined to the depilatory cream, you had better apply it just after having a bath. Then use lukewarm water to get rid of the cream.

7.  The Unwanted Random Hair

You may always find some hair, which appear on your skin unexpectedly. They may be on your nipples, toes and on your face. In this case, you had better go for tweezing. However, you may try electrolysis, as this treatment will remove the unwanted hair forever.

Take into consideration the head-to-toe guide to unwanted hair removal and make your great choice and try the best one for your skin.

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