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The Three Types of Guys You Meet at the Gym

Personal trainer teaching exercise to woman

You can exercise at home but sometimes, you need proper gym equipment and that gym environment to help you set the right mood for exercising. When going to the gym though, you’re bound to meet some new people and maybe even make new friends. I’ve heard stories about stereotypical people in the gym, and interestingly you might have already met these people! Take a look at these:

Three Types of Guys You Meet at the Gym

  • CrossFit guys. Hey, CrossFit is good, but sometimes CrossFit guys can be hard to be around with. They do the more intense stuff and sometimes when they work out in their own groups, they can get quite loud and have that air of feeling that their exercises are more extreme and “better” than yours. Sometimes, when you ask them if they work out, they’d answer with “No, I do CrossFit training” and you’ll be thinking: “Okay, that’s still working out.”

Three Types of Guys You Meet at the Gym - 2

  • The personal trainer. Sometimes, it’s the “super friendly personal trainer” who would want to get many clients and help newbies and other people out. There are times when you would just like to enjoy working out on your own and when you know how to use the gym equipment, you don’t always need someone hovering over you like you’re new. If you are though, this personal trainer may really help you out, so don’t shrug them off if you know you can use a little help in the workout department or when it comes to how to use gym equipment properly.
  • Lurking guys. For real, there are guys who are always, always there. Without seemingly doing anything to workout. Sometimes they are dressed in complete gym outfits, and at other times they’re just in the premises. They can be kind of creepy and some literally just watch people. You ought to be careful about these guys, but as long as you keep your distance, they shouldn’t pose a problem for you.

Three Types of Guys You Meet at the Gym - 3It may be quite disconcerting to be around these guys at times, but knowing about such people in the gym can help you be more prepared when it comes to how you should interact with them.

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