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Spend Versus Save: Fashion

Woman in wardrobe

Whether you are looking to revamp your entire wardrobe or just need to spice it up a little, it can be an expensive undertaking.  But you don’t have to break the bank to look like a million bucks.  There are ways to still update your closet and stay within your budget.

Spend – The best places to really splurge are the items that are considered timeless or those that you see yourself using frequently.

  • A good trench coat can see you through years of cold or rainy weather.
  • Same theory for your go-to black dress and work suit. Once you find these items and have them tailored to fit, you will get many miles out of them.
  • A classic tote bag can be used for work, for travel, and for anything in between. Try to find the best quality that your budget will allow so that it does not wear out at the least convenient time.

Save – Try to stick to the cheaper end when you are looking for trendy items that may be out of season in four months, or when you need something that you will not wear often.

  • A large statement necklace might go great with a few outfits or for that one bridesmaid’s dress. But if you do not plan to wear that necklace on a weekly basis, try to find a less expensive version.
  • A trendy patterned clutch purse will probably be fun for a little while, but the novelty will wear off and you will want to change it up again.
  • I love a good bold print top but you can’t wear it on a regular basis because people are more likely to remember it from outfit to outfit. These are better off from the sale rack than the full-price rack.

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