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Ways to Tone Your Arms

Looking forward to building the perfect body and securing your health, but don’t know whether your time will allow you to do that or not? Well, actually you don’t have to worry much about the time as working out properly doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours in the gym. In fact, we have some good exercising tips that will help you tone and strengthen your arms easily at home! Thus, take a look!


Specifically for those of you who may find the classic push-ups hard, we suggest wall push-ups. Thus, stand facing a wall, but keep a distance of six inches from it. Open your hand shoulder width and place them in the wall while keeping your feet as far as possible on the ground. Once you get into that position start doing the classic push-ups.


Sit on the floor having your knees bent and feet and fingers straight. Now bent your knees to 90 degrees and let your hands face down. Next, raise your shoulders until your arms are getting almost straight, keeping your elbows pointing behind. Repeat this process a couple of times.

Arm Rotations

To do these simply stand having your feet hip-width apart and your arms held parallel to the floor in way to create a T form. Now do as many small backwards circles as you can and switch to forward directed ones.

Weight Free Rows

So, bend slightly forward, having your elbows bent at your sides as well. Now pull your arms back to create the rowing motion but make sure you don’t unbend at the elbow while doing that. Repeat this process for a whole minute.


And to be more specific, X jumps are the ones beneficial for your arms. Thus, to do these stand having your feet shoulder width apart and your arms by your sides. Once you get into that position jump up forming an X shape and using your arms. Do as many jumps as you can.

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