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Wearing Sneakers with Dresses: Dos and Don’ts to Consider

Loving combining dresses and sneakers? Well, no one can blame you as combining two opposing styles usually helps to create the most outstanding look. However, you might need to be extra careful while playing with styles as a little mistake and you can end up with a complete failure. Thus, read below and get informed about the dos and dont’s that you have to consider in order to pair dresses with sneakers correctly.

The Fabric

One of the most important things that you have to consider when trying to pair your favorite dress with your favorite sneakers is the fabric of the dress. Thus, if the fabric of it is a lightweight one then you might need to put aside too sporty looking ones or leather sneakers and stick with canvas or eyelet.

Colors and Prints

Well playing with various colors and prints is one of the most exciting fashion tricks that one can do! However, sometimes it can also be tricky as you might end up with an overwhelming look, which is definitely not what you wanted to have in the beginning. Matching the color of the print of your skirt or dress with the color of your sneakers or the opposite can be a good way to create the perfectly balanced look, so why not give it a try?


Yes, pairing a feminine dress or skirt with a pair of sneakers that have masculine hint is a great way to show off your sense of style but be aware to not go extreme and mix two completely different styles and end up with a ruined, nonsense look.


Whether you want to combine two opposing styles or not, showing off your silhouette correctly is the most important thing as the success of you your look mainly depends on that. So, when pairing dresses with sneakers make sure to consider proportions as well.

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