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Healthy Substitutes for the Foods You Love

Deli sandwich

We all have foods that we love that do not love us back.  Whether that be something that contradicts a lifestyle choice (such as vegetarianism), a dietary restriction (such as gluten intolerance), or you simply want to make healthier choices.  Let’s take a look at some substitutions that can make you feel less deprived!

  • Mexican Food – There are very few of us that do not enjoy a meal from our favorite taco spot. But choose wisely and you can still enjoy your spicy salsa treat.  In fact, salsa is one of the best options available!  It can top a salad instead of dressing; it spices up fajitas perfectly, and can even be your appetizer with a couple of soft corn tortillas.  If you have to choose, choose guacamole over sour cream for the protein and the healthy fates.
  • Deli Sandwiches – It’s a quick and easy meal, and can be found on almost every corner near you. But there are still diet-bombs lurking here.  Avoid anything and everything made with mayonnaise.  Stick with mustard or red wine vinegar for a dressing, and load up on vegetables wherever you can.
  • Italian Food – Ah, pasta and pizza and lasagna. Any Italian menu is full of potential diet speed bumps.  No cream sauces; just, no.  Marinara sauce can be full of vegetables, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants.  Stick with grilled meats instead of fried, and load up that plate with veggies.  One of my favorite Italian meals is a grilled chicken breast with marinara sauce and a sprinkle of Parmesan.  It is basically chicken Parmesan without the fried or the coating of melted Mozzarella.

And a couple of bonus tips that work anywhere: start your meal with broth-based vegetable soup and keep a close eye on your alcohol.

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