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Makeup Eraser: Does it Really Work?

Woman cleansing face

At the recent expo event, I gave in to the sales pitch and purchased the Original Makeup Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth.  I was skeptical about whether it would really work, but I figured at minimum, I could use it as a regular washcloth, albeit a $20 one.

The concept is simple, you use the cloth to remove makeup with only warm water and no cleanser.  You do have to wash it first before using it for the first time so I used a bar of soap in my sink.  I washed and rinsed it several times to make sure that it was clean.

When I was ready to try it, I soaked one end of the cloth (the side without the tag) with warm water as instructed, and gently massaged the wet portion on my skin including the eye area.  When I pulled the cloth back, it was covered in makeup smears.  And my face was completely clean!

I dampened a cotton ball with my regular eye makeup remover just to test the results, but nothing came off on the cotton ball.  Consider me amazed.  The instructions also say to use the other side, the one with the tag, for extra exfoliation.  My skin was soft and smooth and surprisingly enough, actually clean.

I’m not sure that I would use this every night in place of my regular cleansers, but I have considered it.  Think of the savings!

I did wash the makeup off the cloth with soap afterwards and hung it up to dry.  Washing it after each use means that I don’t have to have a new one for each night I want to use it.  I’ve thought about purchasing an extra so that I can cut it into small sizes for travel.

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