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Five Tips to Sticking with Your Diet During the Holidays

Woman with holiday cookies

Even the most iron-willed dieters will tell you that the holidays can be difficult.  There are always so many favorite meals being served, and there are treats everywhere you look it seems.  But as long as you maintain a realistic balance, you should be able to stick with the diet and still enjoy the holiday season.

  • Focus on fresh. Fresh fruits and vegetables will fill you up and guilt won’t have space on the plate.  Whether you are at a holiday party or sitting down to the feast of the year, pile on the freshest food first, and then add the less healthy items.
  • Keep it realistic. Even if you overindulge at one event, do not starve yourself the next day.  Just choose wisely the following day, and make sure to drink plenty of water to help flush out your system.
  • Help yourself. Not to the homemade rolls!  Help yourself (and the hostess) by offering to bring a dish to the gathering, and make sure to contribute something you can enjoy guilt-free.  This way you have at least one healthy option at the table, and the hostess will be grateful for the assistance.
  • Self-monitor your alcohol consumption. Not only does alcohol equal empty calories, but having too many drinks also lowers your inhibitions and you could be tempted to overindulge at the dessert table.
  • Keep up your activity level, and increase it where you can. Instead of just sitting around with the family, suggest everyone take a walk after that enormous meal.

And whatever you do, do no beat yourself up for the extra piece of Grandma’s famous rocky road fudge.  Just take an extra lap around the block and thank Grandma for bringing it!

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