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How to Layer with a Moisturizer

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Facial oils have really taken off lately and can do wonders for a complexion in need of some tender loving care.  But sometimes I find that the oils by themselves are just not enough to moisturize my poor skin.  That is when I turn to the layer technique of using an oil and a moisturizer in sequence.  But there is a bit of controversy about what order to use multiple products.

The rule of thumb is to start with the lightest texture and move to the heaviest texture in your regimen, but facial oils can throw that rule off-kilter.

In my research, I found a wonderful description from Refinery29:

  • For dry skinAfter cleansing your skin and applying your treatment serum, apply your nighttime moisturizer and then pat four to five drops of your oil on top. You can also blend the two together and apply the mixture.
  • For oily skin – For oily skin, the order is reversed. After cleansing and then apply just a couple drops of your oil directly to your skin, and then follow with a lightweight moisturizer.
  • For normal skin – This is similar to the dry skin suggestion, however you will mix only a couple drops of the oil into the moisturizer instead of four or five.

A quick item to note is that most of the recommended regimens are for nighttime use.  If you plan to wear your oil during the day, make sure to apply it after your sunscreen so that you are receiving the maximum protection from your SPF.

One bonus tip from the same site – if you are traveling, make sure to reapply a drop or two of your oil over your moisturizer for each hour of your flight.

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