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What is Appropriate Attire for Family and Work Holiday Gatherings?

Woman in holiday dress

With the holiday season right around the corner, there will be plenty of gatherings to fill up the calendar.  From friends to family, and even work functions – the season is nearly upon us.  Sometimes for these events, the attire can be comfortable and casual, especially with friends.

But What About Family Functions?
Comfortable is still the key, unless your family plans a lot of black tie holiday meals.  Personally, mine are usually filled with too much food and lots of noisy young children.  So for me, comfortable is usually paramount.  Not to mention the fact that I am usually in the kitchen with my mom prepping all of the food.  My go-to outfit for these gatherings are my extremely comfortable denim leggings, a soft tee shirt, and a long cardigan that I can easily remove if I get too warm standing over the stove and oven.  And moccasins for all of the standing and walking.

And What About Work Functions?
Work parties are a little more delicate to maneuver.  You want to wear something festive and a little dressier than you wear to a normal day at work, but you still have to face the group the next morning.  Too much leg and too much cleavage is never a good idea at a work function.  I would stick with dressy black or grey slacks, or a black skirt and a modestly festive top or accessories .  One of my go-to outfits is a pair of grey slacks, a reasonably modest black sweater that I can wear to the office without issue, and then right before the party itself, I like to add a bright red scarf or an extra-sparkly extended necklace.  Easy does it when it comes to work events.

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