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Healthy Holiday Party Food Options

Party snacks on a plate

Whether you are hosting the party or just attending one, it can be very difficult to maintain a healthy diet when the holidays are upon us.  Being mentally prepared can help stave off the temptation to hang out next to the tray of homemade fudge!

  • Try to plan ahead. If you know you are attending a soiree later in the evening, make sure you eat extra-healthy during the rest of the day.  Also, giving yourself a healthy snack such as low-fat string cheese or apple slices ahead of time will help keep the hunger at bay.  And when the hunger is in the background, we are all less likely to reach for the heaping plate of chips and queso.
  • Keep on top of your portion control. If there is one available, grab a smaller plate so that it looks more full when you pile on the tasty treats.  And focus on the fresh fruits and vegetables if there are some available.
  • Watch out for the bartender. Alternate each drink with a glass of water (a good plan even if you aren’t watching your waistline), and you will be less tempted to drink that extra glass of wine.
  • Keep yourself away from the food. It sounds so obvious, but once you have your little plate of treats and your glass of wine, move to another part of the party so that you aren’t constantly tempted by seconds and thirds.

Obviously, if you are the hostess, it will be a lot easier to control what food and alcohol options are available.  And while you will want plenty of healthy choices for you and your guests, make sure to throw in bite-size cookies and at least oen creamy vegetable dip so that there is something for every palette.

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