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Jeans For Every Body Shape

Girls wearing jeans, according to their body shapes

As we have discussed, there are five primary body shapes (pear, column, apple, hourglass, and strawberry). And for almost all women, the only thing that comes close to the pain of swimsuit shopping is the agony of jeans shopping. But there really is a style of jeans that flatters any body type.

  • The Pear is characterized by a narrower upper body and a fuller lower body. Avoid anything with a severe taper and choose more of a low-rise flare or trouser style. Boyfriend jeans also do a great job of skimming over the heavier portion of your figure, highlighting the slender top half of your body.
  • The Column is typically defined by little to no waist definition, with the shoulders and hips being approximately equal. To create curves, stick with the mid-rise styles and a slight flare or boot cut at the bottom. Skinny jeans seem to be made for this particular figure.
  • The Apple is rounder in the middle than anywhere else. Again, theSkinny jeans are the most flattering. Too low and you risk spilling over; too high and you risk emphasizing your thicker middle.
  • The Hourglass has an equal balance of shoulders and hips with a terrific waist definition. The classic wide leg or boot cut jeans with a mid-rise will balance your curves and keep you looking slender.
  • The Strawberry is the opposite of the Pear, and characterized by broad shoulders and narrow hips. Strawberry-shaped women should really avoid anything with a high waist. The rice should hit at the natural waist or slightly below. Flared jeans with a suitable waist can visually give you a slimmer waist and narrower shoulders. Likewise, since your legs are usually quite an asset, straight cut or cigarette jeans accentuate nicely.

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