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How to Rock Cut-Off Shorts

I used to hate shorts back when my legs were all paled and kind of skinny. I mean, why would I subject people to the sight of my pale as milk walking sticks? However, I started a fitness regimen that involved a lot of running and toning so needless to say, my pale sticks soon became tanned gams and I so wanted to show them off. I invested in lots of miniskirts and shorts and just recently, I have stocked up on cut-off shorts as well.

I wear cut-off shorts several times a week and while they may strike you as uber-casual, you can actually dress them up in lots of different ways since they also happen to be extremely versatile. I have come up with several different ways to rock cut-off shorts and if you like them as much as I do, you will want to check out my ideas below!

Ways to Wear Cut-off Shorts

  • Tailored white shirt – I just adore tailored white shirts because they look so crisp, clean, and classic. What I like to do is pair up a classic tailored white shirt with a pair of acid-washed cut-off shorts. I roll up the sleeves and put on a pair of flat sandals and I am good to go! This outfit is a wonderful mix of classic and rugged and can be worn day or night with just the addition of the right accessories.
  • A bold tee – This is the type of outfit I reach for when I am out doing errands but want to look good anyway. I reach for a boldly printed shirt and add a statement necklace to the mix. My shredded cut-off shorts look perfect with the mix so I look stylish without trying too hard.
  • Slouchy sweater – Now this ensemble might strike some as too casual since cut-off shorts have that casual look in the first place but try to add some leather sandals and a tailored bag to the mix and you have an outfit that just oozes summer night romances. This is the kind of outfit that is cool and comfy at the same time.

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