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How Do I Dress in the Morning when the Temperature Varies?

Stylish woman wearing a scarf

The short version of how to dress for multiple temperatures is — dress in layers!  When the morning is cool but the afternoon and evening will be warm, the key to staying comfortable all day long is to dress in layers.

To me, this is the perfect time of year.  The mornings and evenings are nice and cool while the afternoons are starting to warm up.  But it can be difficult to dress for such weather!  Not to mention the fact that as the temperatures climb as we head towards spring and summer, the office buildings will stay a chilly 60 degrees thanks to hyper air conditioning.

These tips also apply if you are traveling from one climate to another.  Just last week I was leaving from somewhere that was about 30 degrees and arriving somewhere that was about 80 degrees.  Talk about a shift!

The key to managing these drastic changes is to dress in layers.  Firstly, I always travel with a scarf.  The airplane can be on the chilly side and it is a simple piece that can be removed and stowed quickly.  Secondly, I always wear a lighter underlayer such as a tee shirt or a shell plus an outer layer such as a cardigan or a jacket.  This outer layer can also be removed and stored easily in a suitcase or a carry-on bag.

Having multiple options within one outfit is a great way to maximize and strategize!  Besides that, if I travel I like to take pieces that can be mixed and matched.  Layering makes this so much easier.  And a couple of scarves do not take up much space in the suitcase and can really change the look of the entire outfit!

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