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What is Your Go-To Look for Clothing?

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We’ve discussed having a go-to makeup look for those mornings when you are too busy or running late, but what about the rest of the look?  Yes, we have to be clothed when we leave the house!

Admittedly, I have structured my work wardrobe around getting dressed easily.  All of my slacks are black or gray (or some print with that as the base color).  I love this method because all of my tops go with all of my bottoms.  It gets a little harder in the summer when I feel the need to break out the skirts which are not all solid dark colors.  I have one that is black and white flowers, one that is green and black flowers, and one that is a robin’s egg blue.

I also have several jackets and sweaters that work over almost all of my tops, most in solid colors.  I do tend to wear cardigans more than jackets.  Likewise, almost all of my necklaces are silver toned with very little color in them.

All this to say, I have set up my overall wardrobe to make my mornings easy to begin with!  But I do have a few combinations that I reach for when I don’t feel like getting creative.  One of my go-to combinations is a pair of gray slacks, a black lace-printed shell, and a lavender cardigan.

I know this makes my wardrobe sound rather dull, but there is still quite a bit of variety to be found.  Most of my tops and shells are patterned and/or colored, and I enjoy playing with the “shapes” of the tops.  I have found that if you mix up the top half, not many people notice that you haven’t changed the bottom half too much!

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