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7 Style Tips for Petite Women to Consider

Having a petite complexion means facing some troubles when looking for the desired outfits. This usually leads to the results of seeking your last hope among professional tailors. However, there are some easy style tips that if you consider they can make your life easier! Thus, follow reading below and find out what exactly you have to do!

Consider the Petite Section

Great news, for those of you who are tired of looking for extra small sizes in the adult sections or trying to find something corresponding to your style in the junior section! We are glad to inform you that there are many stores that have petite sections as well!

Go for Monochromatic Looks

Dressing in one color from nail to toe is another great trick that will make you look taller. In fact colors such as brown, black or grey are considered the best in this case.

Go for High Heels

Wearing high heels is another good method of creating the desired illusion. In fact wearing cute skirts paired with high heels is the best combination!

Go for Vertical Lines

When looking for any shirt, pants or anything else with stripes always keep in mind that vertical lines are the ones that elongate your body and don’t make you look petite.

Consider your Size

Girls, no matter how adorable you find the shirt shown off in the vitrine don’t go for it if it’s a bit bigger than your size as wearing outfits that are bigger than your size will make you look shorter than you are in reality.

Avoid Layering

Just as bigger sizes, layering is also not recommended as wearing many layers will also make you look smaller and create the illusion of you being disproportional.

Accessorize with Belts

Another great trick that will make you look taller and create the desired illusion of having longer legs is the one of pairing any of your outfits with a cute, stylish belt. Easy with guaranteed results!

Thus, by following these easy steps you will see that being a petite woman isn’t an issue at all!

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