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Braids Can Also Be Seven Strand!

We are super excited to introduce you to a brand new, gorgeous way of showing off one of the most popular beauty trends of this year, the seven strand braid! Thus, follow reading below and let this easy step-by-step guide help you to achieve a gorgeous look that’s have been dictated by our beloved fashion icons!

To make the gorgeous seven strand braid reality first of all you will need all the «magic» tools mentioned below:

  • A comb,
  • Hair styling wax
  • Rubber hair bands
  • Bobby pins

Now, let’s see what exactly you have to do to achieve the seven strand braid.

Thus, start by parting your hair in the crow. Also at this point also make sure you apply the styling wax throughout your locks. On the next step, divide the top section in two parts (in a way that you’ll have a thicker strand on one part than on the other) and clip one of the sections in order to be able to work on the other.

Now, split the right section into for equal parts and start braiding the following way:

Pass the first strand over the second, under the third and over the fourth. Repeat this process until you reach the needed point. Once you’ve done that release the clipped part, bring it over the right side, divide it into three equal parts and start braiding the same way only this time your fourth strand should be the first of the braid that you’ve made previously.

Once you’ve done braiding, grab the braid bring it over your forehead just as if you would wear a headband and secure using as many bobby pins as needed. Whoila! Enjoy showing off a super cute seven strand braid!

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