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The Scoop Behind Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez’s Hookups

Netizens have been feasting on the story behind Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez’s recent photos showing the two looking pretty intimate in Italy. Although they prove to be quite a pair, people have been wondering if the relationship is good for either of them, with specific focus on Michelle Rodriguez’s reputation on partying just a little bit too much and Zac Efron’s attempt to stay clean after a stint in rehab in 2013.

Michelle Rodriguez has been known for her bad girl attitude, having had her share of brushes with the law. She pled guilty to a DUI charge in 2005, and went through some jail time after violating her probation in 2007. She admitted to being a bisexual after steadily dating Cara Delevingne just a few months ago. With all these and her long history of getting wasted in public, it is no wonder that fans are getting worried about the possible effects of Zac Efron’s supposed relationship with her.

Gianluca Vacchi, a friend of the two, confidently says that the pair has actually proven to be good for each other. Zac and Michelle stayed in Gianluca’s home in Bologna and travelled to Sardinia with him. Having been around the couple for quite some time, he seems to be the authority on how serious things are between the two.

Another thing that people have been wondering about is the length of the couple’s supposed relationship. As it turns out, the two have been seeing each other on and off for the past three years, just after Zac attended one of Michelle’s parties in 2011 after his breakup with long-term girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Word has it that every time the two are both single, they immediately find ways to hook up.

Paparazzi has also been hounding Cara Delavingne, waiting for her reaction to the news. The model has been posting some really negative tweets after news about Michelle and Zac and although no individuals were named in any of her rants, people have automatically assumed what she was upset about. However, after being seen with Ellie Goulding just a few days after the news about Zac and Michelle broke out, it seems that she has also started moving on from her relationship with Rodriguez.

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