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Modern Fashionistas

Today’s world is filled with many different options when it comes to your fashion needs. There are great finds from thrift stores, department stores, and high-end malls. Because of the many different sources, a lot of people can now be fashionistas on their own! This can be evidenced by the myriad of fashion blogs sprouting like mushrooms all over the blogosphere these days.

What makes a fashionista? I think fashionistas are those who can effortlessly carry out whichever outfit they decide to wear regardless of the genre. Some wear designer clothes, others wear thrifty finds, others go for modern, while others go for vintage. There’s Lolita or doll-like fashion, hip hop fashion, gothic, glam—as long as you can wear it and flaunt it, you can be your own kind of fashionista!

There are, however, style icons and fashionistas who are hard to miss. They are famous on social media sites such as Instagram, while some are known and quite famous over at Tumblr. Some are celebrities and others are even kids! Here are some of the ones you need to know about:

Heidi Klum – Being a supermodel and all, Heidi Klum is sure to have a great sense of style. But did you know that her little ones are fashionistas as well? You’ll see them strutting around with their mom in nice printed dresses or wearing scarves and boots that would make you go wow!

Alonso Mateo – Speaking of young fashionistas, Alonso Mateo is one you definitely need to know. He’s been seen wearing a Gucci belt, his own tailor-made jacket that has a Tom Ford pocket square on it, Dior shirts, and other designer pieces. Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, Alonso’s mother is the one who styles his clothes and posts his photos on Instagram.

The Gossip Girls – Leighton Meester and Blake Lively are just so nice to look at! Whatever they wear, they look great—may it be short printed dresses with heels or casual jeans and shirts. They are really able to effortlessly pull it off.

There are many other modern fashionistas – be it celebrities or internet-famous people. Who knows, you might be one of the next fashionista to watch out for one of these days!

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