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Category Archives: Makeup

Tips for Wearing Bold Makeup Looks

It’s really fantastic and alluring if your photo with bold and intrepid makeup appears in the magazines. But wearing blue eyeliner or red lipstick everyday may be a little daring for you. Surely, you shouldn’t make up your mind to go for neutral tones or just wear nothing. There are number of ways to make […]

Tips for Contouring and Highlighting Dark Skin

One of the most popular makeup techniques is contouring. Contouring makeup is all about enhancing or exaggerating your features. You may find it hard to use these techniques at first, but once you try them you’ll get convinced how it’s easy to master. Contouring makeup especially looks great on darker skin, which is one of […]

Tips to Avoid Makeup Meltdowns

Maybe you spend hours on creating an ideal makeup look. You want to look fantastic, that’s why each detail is very essential for you. You spend much time on looking for the best lipstick, blushes or eye shadows, trying to cover any blemishes and skin imperfections with the help of the right foundation for your […]

How to Choose the Best Foundation Shade for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right foundation is one of the hardest duties for a lady, in fact, many of us even after trying hard to find the perfect tone still stick with the one that doesn’t match perfectly with our skin tone. Of course, usually you choose a foundation based on your undertone but if you don’t […]

Cool Metallic Makeup Looks that Suit Everyone

Metallic makeup is considered the trend of 2013. Many celebrities rock cool metallic makeup. So, how to wear metallic makeup in order to have a fantastic look? Follow up our easy makeup tips and get inspired! Copper Makeup Copper metallic makeup will perfectly go with your golden skin. You may apply it onto your eyes, […]