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Cool Metallic Makeup Looks that Suit Everyone

Metallic makeup is considered the trend of 2013. Many celebrities rock cool metallic makeup. So, how to wear metallic makeup in order to have a fantastic look? Follow up our easy makeup tips and get inspired!

Copper Makeup

Copper metallic makeup will perfectly go with your golden skin. You may apply it onto your eyes, enlighten your skin tone and have a shimmering look. To get a beachy look you should apply some copper color to your cheeks. To create a final look you may apply a copper lipstick adding a little shimmer to your lips.

Gorgeous Gold Makeup

If you look for a gorgeous look, you had better mix gold and peach hues and create an admiring appearance. Thus, you will be ready to appear on the red carpet. During the day you may apply a light gold tone with glitter. While for the evening you may apply bright gold. To create a metallic effect you may use crème gold hues.

Sleek Silver Makeup

To create a metallic makeup look you may apply sleek silver. Light silver will perfectly go with your deep skin color. To create a fantastic look you may pair your silver eyeliner with a nude shade. A translucent silver eyeshadow will also create an astounding look.

Radiant Rose Makeup

If you are a beginner and want to experiment with metallic shades, then choose radiant rose. It is the shade that will suit everyone. This fab shade will make you look youthful and shimmering all the time.

Strong Silver Makeup

Those girls who have a pale face may freely go for dark silver. You may also experiment with gunmetal or black shades together with a little shimmer. To create a silver smoky eye you are advised to apply eyeliner with a little shimmer and eye shadow pencil in a deep shade. For a complete finish you may match your eyes with a silver polish on your nails.

Ravishing Rush Makeup

If you don’t want to go to extremes, apply graceful metallics. Here some impressive and attractive rust and ombre tones come to help you. You may use powders in brown, bronze and gold hues and get a rusty eye shadow. Apply it on your brown bones and lash lines.

Mixed Metals Makeup

Dare to blend gold and silver shades and create a fantastic metallic look. You may also mix gold, silver and middle tones and pair it with black eyeliner.

There are many ways of creating cool metallic makeup looks. Choose any of them and have an astounding look!

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