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Category Archives: Style

How to Find Your Signature Fragrance

Woman holding perfume next to face

Choosing your signature fragrance is one of the most difficult tasks to perform. You may come across many difficulties, while looking for your fragrance. Here are the best ways, which will show you how to find your signature fragrance. Get Your Fragrance: Get Inspired by Fashion You may easily find your signature fragrance, getting inspired […]

How to Wear Maxi Skirts in Winter

Fashionable woman in maxi skirt in the street

Maxi skirts have always been in fashion. They have many benefits: they are trendy, eye-catching and comfortable for wearing. They provide femininity and attractiveness to the wearer. Besides, maxi skirts are versatile. You may pair them with many outfits. Here are the best ways of wearing maxi skirts in winter. Maxi Skirts with Coats and […]

DIY Sunglasses Tutorials

Floral-framed DIY sunglasses

Nearly all girls and women, who are taken tamed by fashion, dream about having things that would be unique and unrepeatable! So girls, get prepared, we are going to offer you DIY sunglasses tutorials, which will make you look awesome and original every time you wear your sunnies! DIY D&G Inspired Sunglasses If you can’t […]