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How to Brighten Up Neutral Outfits

Looking for some ideas that will help you to spice up a simple monotone look? Well, check out these fashion tips and find out how to add some color to a simple, neutral outfit and easily style it!

Eye-Catching Necklace

Adding an eye-catching necklace to a neutral outfit can be one of the best ways to add some color! Besides, a neutral top is considered the best background for a fancy, detailed jewelry as it helps to create a perfectly balanced look!


Another easy trick to spice up a neutral look is the one of combining it with a bold makeup. Moreover, in this case the more you concentrate on the color of your lipstick the best results you’ll get!

Shoes and Belts

One of the most common ways of adding colors to a neutral outfit is the one of combining them with cute belts and shoes. In fact you can also play with colors and match a dark belt with a pair of bright, eye-catching shoes and create a runway look!


When it comes to choosing bags most of us usually tend to go for neutral shades. However, a bag in a bright shade is a must have for all fashionistas, as it not only easily adds a modern touch to any look, but also can be the best tool to spice up a boring look.


Well, you may think by now that the only way to add color to a neutral outfit is by accessorizing it, but let us prove you wrong as you can also make your look even more attractive by simply layering it! Thus you can combine a neutral top with a contrasting jacket or try the exact opposite add easily create a stylish modern look.

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