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Things to Avoid Doing for Having Perfect Beautiful Face

There are so many face makeup and skin care products that we may be mistaken in using some of them. One thing we can do is experimenting the product on the skin to see if it is right for you, but still sometime being in a hurry we may use a wrong product, without thinking about the results. There are also things in your daily makeup that you never thought you are doing something wrong.

Here are some activities that must be avoided to get a better makeup result and to have a perfect and beautiful face.

Plucking eyebrows

Some do pluck all their eyebrows to paint them with a pencil. This is not a good idea. Learn to pluck hair from eyebrows one by one and after every plucking to look in the mirror to match and see if it is enough or there is a need for couple of more hair to pluck. Don’t keep plucking forgetting about checking in between because otherwise you are going to be disappointed coming to know that you have over plucked. If you find yourself to be not good at plucking then visit some salons where specialists know their job. You are not supposed to visit every week. Make visits once a month and pluck if you notice some stray hair in between.

Filling in eyebrows

You can see a lot of women with filled in eyebrows, but only few have filled them perfectly. Others try their best but fail. Avoid using eye shadows or eyeliners to paint or fill in eyebrows, they are really dark and everyone can notice it, as it looks very unnatural. Try eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder instead according to your eyebrow and how much investment needs to be done.


Mascara has a lot to do with the whole makeup. It can change your look entirely. Depending on how well the mascara has been done your eyes will have their look. For the right mascara first comb your eyelashes and then put mascara on with care, Avoid leaving spots on your eyelids.

Eye shadow

While choosing a shade for eye shadow, remember not to have the bright colors matching them to your outfit. Neutral colors will always look perfect and sound. Another mistake that should be avoided is having the same eye shadow from the eyelids till eyebrows. It is too much for one color.


Accepting your skin color as it is and going for the right and matching tone for the foundation will be the best choice you can ever make.


Your concealer should be only two shades darker from your neck. Don’t use too light concealers, as everyone will notice it and will come to know that you used it to cover your dark circles etc.


It makes us look chic, but too much blush can make right the opposite look. Before applying blush on your face tap it and apply only on apples of your cheeks.

It is advised to visit a beauty parlor and ask some specifications about your face and skin to use your makeup in the right way.

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