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Top 10 Hottest Spring 2014 Makeup Colors

This spring new tones of neutrals are becoming the hottest trend. Such amazing shades as blue, pinkish-violet and magenta are dear to our eyes. Here are top 10 hottest spring 2014 makeup colors.

1.  Apply Lipstick in a Magenta Shade

Magenta is one of the top 10 hottest spring 2014 makeup colors. Apply the purplish red hue on your lips and use a cotton pad on your lip edges to make the lines indistinct.

2.  Apply Jade Green Eye Shadow

This bluish green shade gives a new touch when applied on your eyes at the outdoors party. You had better spread this splendid jade green shade on your eye corners with your fingertips.

3.  Apply Lavender Shade on Your Eyes and Lips

Here is another spring 2014 makeup color. You are offered lavender shade with such undertones, as glittering gold and bronze. Go for lavender tone instead of the brown shade on your eyes. As for your lips, opt for the pink shade for a stunning look.

4.  Apply Metallic Gold on Your Eyes and Cheeks

The metallic shade is among the top 10 hottest spring 2014 makeup colors. You may either wear metallic outfits or create your makeup in this tone. Pat McGrath recommends applying the golden shadow on your eyes and cheeks. Your lips will look gorgeous, if you apply glossy gold.

5.  Apply Tangerine Shade on Your Lips

The runways of spring 2014 featured orange shade as one of the hottest makeup colors. Change your dull lipsticks into a bold one. Try the orange shade on your lips and create your trendy look.

6.  Apply Cerulean Blue

Blue eye shadows are your key to look screaming this season. Applying deep blue on your lids and going for little makeup, you will look glamorous for the coming season.

7.  Apply White Eye Shadow

Quite simple and attractive. It is about the white eye shadow. Creating your makeup in this tone, you will look thrilling for spring 2014. Rock matte white on your eyelids, using your fingertips to get a sheer touch. Make your skin soft and complete your look with mascara.

8.  Apply Metallic Moss

Here is one of the hottest neutral tones, worth applying on your eyes. You will wear the hottest spring 2014 makeup color. Create wings with the metallic moss shade and look pretty.

9.  Apply Intense Pastel Shades on Your Nails

Imagine your nails in these sweet and attractive shades. Go for yellow and navy blue tones, as they are among the top 10 hottest spring 2014 makeup colors.

10.  Apply Berry Shade on Your Cheeks

To look fresh, you had better apply the berry shade on your cheeks. This blush helps you look glowy and admiring for spring 2014.

We hope, you will take into account these top 10 hottest colors while creating your spring 2014 makeup.


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