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How to Wear the 1990s Fashion Trend

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Find your inspiration from Clueless, Calvin Klein and wear the 1990s fashion trend in a new way for spring 2014. If you are interested, go on reading.

The 90s style has come back in a cool way. This fashion trend is eternal and you may pull it off according to your personal taste.

The 1990s fashion trend offers you a great variety of outfits: dresses with floral prints, tops, chic culottes and leggings.

In this post, we will reveal several sub-styles of the 1990s fashion trend and teach you how to wear it.

Clueless 90s Fashion Trend

Just have a look at Alicia Silverstone’s outfits, and you will imagine how impressive the Clueless 90s fashion trend may be. She pulls off socks reaching her knees, plaid skirts and cardigan.

How to Wear the 1990s Fashion Trend

Seek for:

  • Knitted cardigan
  • Ralph Lauren’s tie with floral prints, short skirts, sweaters, having a V-shape neck.
  • Shoes with platform heels, knee-length socks and necklaces, which fit closely.
  • Short dresses in block hues, paired with transparent cardigans.

How to Wear the 1990s Fashion Trend

Minimalist 90s Fashion Trend

Get inspired by minimalism 90s fashion trend. Kate Moss wore Calvin Klein’s white or black-toned lightweight dresses. The 1990s fashion trend offers dresses with simple cuts and dropping necklines.

How to Wear the 1990s Fashion Trend

1990s Glamour Fashion Trend

To wear properly in the 1990s glamour fashion trend, you should try chain necklaces or bracelets, and go for strapless cuts. Make your hair slick, apply red lipstick and achieve a super glamorous look.

How to Wear the 1990s Fashion Trend

Grunge 90s Fashion Trend

Slip Types of Dresses

Slip type of dress is an ideal choice from 90s fashion trend for 2014. You may wear either a short or a long one. It may be both transparent and opaque, flimsy and well-fitted. Look for a dress with thin straps and make your outfit look simple. Get inspired by Rag & Bone Fashion Show and learn the right way of layering the slip type of dress.

How to Wear the 1990s Fashion Trend

Flimsy Floral Prints

The 1990s floral printed dresses give you a stunning look. The lightweight material provides you with a jovial mood. These culottes with floral prints, which look like skirts, catch everyone’s attention in 2014.

How to Wear the 1990s Fashion Trend

 Opt for Bold Shades

Here is another way of wearing the 1990s fashion trend. Get inspired by bold hues and wear monochrome outfits. Consider all the citrus tones and get a bold look for spring 2014. Match your tangerine-toned dress with knee-length socks and have a screaming look.

How to Wear the 1990s Fashion Trend

Create your unique style, getting inspired by the best ways of wearing the 1990s fashion trend. 

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