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Overall Corrections

Woman applying traditional foundation with makeup brush

We have covered several topics related to taking care of our skin, but that’s not really the fun part of the beauty routine.  With that beautiful complexion, let’s talk color!  Whether you are a strict minimalist, or you wear your full face to the grocery store, there are a few basics that almost all makeup routines include.  This series focuses on the top five items that you most likely have tucked away in your makeup bag.

The first product that most of us apply is an overall skin tone corrector (i.e., tinted moisturizer, foundation, or something similar).  There are so many options it can be mind-boggling.  You can choose based on preferred amount of coverage, desired finish, application method, skin type, SPF, and many other criteria.

A quick rundown of the basic options includes tinted moisturizer, mineral powder, BB or CC cream, or traditional foundation.

  • Tinted moisturizer – This formulation is typically the most lightweight of the options, providing sheer coverage to even out your skin.
  • Mineral powder – A huge trending product nowadays, this choice is usually a lightweight loose powder that can be applied lightly or with a heavier hand if you want more coverage.
  • Beauty Balms (BB) or Color Control (CC) creams – Another wildly popular option available today, the BB or CC creams are designed to be a “jack of all trades”. One specific point to mention about these is that the FDA does not allow both acne-fighting ingredients and SPF to be combined in a single formula.
  • Traditional foundation – Despite this being only one of the categories, there are multiple options and choices. It is typically a liquid product that can be applied with fingertips, a sponge, or a foundation brush.

Now that we are all evened out, let’s move on to spot concealing!

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