How to Apply Makeup Correctly

Portrait of woman with clear bronze skin

Apply Foundation

While choosing the right foundation, you should take into account several essential factors. Pick the right shade, then opt for either a translucent or full coverage product, depending on your personal taste. Choose a foundation with the right finish. If you have an oily skin, you should go for the matte finish. In case of dry skin, you should apply satin type of foundation.

Before purchasing a foundation, try it on your wrist or neck to see whether it suits you or not. Your foundation should be rich in special formula in order to protect your skin. You may also use a sunscreen before applying the makeup.

If you have already chosen an ideal tone, you may apply it on your face. There are different ways of applying it. Go for sponges or brushes. Your fingertips may also help you. The latter will provide you with an even finish.

To achieve a sheer coverage you should opt for sponges. While for a perfect look, you should apply foundation with the help of a brush.  

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