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Top 70 Cute Bow Nail Art Designs

Agree that bows are the symbols of girlishness, innocence and beauty! Ever since our childhoods, we girls do love these small details, using them for hair styling, outfits and accessories. No matter how much we grow up, we never lose the liking for bows; moreover, we find more creative ways of incorporating bows into our style. Thus, bow nail art designs are one of the best ways of embracing the charm and elegance of bows. Check out these top 70 cute bow nail art designs and never cease to look cute and sweet, regardless of your age!

Bow nail art is the most feminine style of designing your nails, and it perfectly goes from wedding events and birthday parties to everyday looks and sometimes even formal ones, if used to a smaller extent. Thus, if you wear one simple bow on your French manicured nails, you can be sure to never look over the board going to work.

There are a myriad of ways of creating bow nails. This can be done with the help of special nail sticker and nail accessories, or by simply drawing your favorite shape of the bows. Surely, girlishness is always welcome, however, try not to overdo with the sweet aspect of bows. For this, you are advised to wear a bow print on a single finger, while the rest can be left monochrome and modest. After all, the fashion rule of less is more works great in every aspect!

Pastel nails look utterly sweet while combined with bow nail art. No less impressive is the classic French manicure finished of with cute bows. Otherwise, you can pick any other bright or neutral shade of nail polishes and wear a black or white bow drawn on top! Ideas are endless and the source of inspiration amazing! Get inspired from these best cute bow nail art design photos and give your favorite one a try!

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