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Top 30 Women Hairstyles for 2014

If you are looking for an amazing hairstyle for 2014, get inspired by the top 30 women hairstyles, we have picked up for you. Make your choice among the great variety of stylish ponytails and braids, go from straight to wavy hairstyles and look adorable for the coming season.

1.  Side Blowout Hairstyle

We distinguish between two blowouts. They may be either straight or wavy. Here is a stylish combination. Starting straight from the top part to the medium-length and ending with a chic wave. This hairstyle is elegant but not ideal. For this woman hairstyle, you should straighten your hair with a blow dryer and a paddle brush, having soft bristles. Then you should use a flat iron and go for soft waves at your hair ends. Finally, sweep your tresses to one side. It is one of the appealing women hairstyles for 2014.

2.  Dramatic Ponytail Hairstyle

Get inspired by Nina Ricci Fashion Show’s dramatic ponytail hairstyle for 2014, created by hairstylist Guido. This hairstyle is quite simple to get. For this polished ponytail, create a low ponytail and tie it with an elastic in a black tone. Then hide it with a black ribbon and create a nice bow.

3.  Woman Hairstyle with Turban

You may copy such great celebrities as Eva Mendes and Kate Moss. Wearing a turban is both stylish and comfortable. Turban hairstyles are featured at spring 2013 Marc by Marc Jacobs Fashion Show. For this look, use a texture-enhancing spray on your dry tresses for a messy look. It will also make the scarf stay in place. Guido also recommends make a bun at the top of your head and tie a scarf and you will get a turban vibe.

4.  Create Splashlights

If you seek for an exclusive hair tone, you are advised to opt for splashlights. It seems like you have bleached some hair section and hidden it with a tone very similar to your natural hair color.

5.  Tousled Braid Hairstyle

Tousled braid hairstyle is among the top 30 women hairstyles for 2014. For this hairstyle, apply volume-enhancing spray on your wet tresses and squeeze them while drying with a diffuser. Then use your fingers to brush the waves, tease the top part a bit and create a tousled braid.

6.  Oversized Updo Hairstyles

At Nina Ricci fashion show, great hairstylist Guido styled oversized updo hairstyles on the models’ tresses. Looking at this hairstyle, it may look like you have twisted your tresses and secured with pins. All you need for this woman hairstyle is a hairspray.

7.  Chic Topknot Hairstyle

Mark Townsend created a splendid topknot hairstyle on Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Olsen’s locks. Get this effortless look for 2014, just with several steps. Comb your hair and apply hairspray. Pull your hair back and create a high ponytail at the crown. After twisting your hair, put the ends underneath the base and secure with pins. For a messy look, leave some hair out.

8.  40s Vintage Curls

Copy another woman hairstyle for 2014, getting inspired by Bottega Vaneta fashion show for fall 2013. Guido went for 40s vintage curls, applying a curling iron. The hairstylist made the top part straight and sleek and created a side section. Finally, he gave texture to the curls by combing them.

9.  Unusual Place of the Headband

To create an extraordinary woman hairstyle for 2014, you may go for a Grecian style. Create a modern updo hairstyle, such as a chignon and place a chic accessory in an unusual way to get an alluring look.  

10. Faux Bang Hairstyle

If you are afraid of trimming your tresses but want to wear any of the splendid fringe hairstyles, go for faux bangs. Find your inspiration from fall 2013 Emiliio Pucci fashion show. Opt for eye-touching fringes and they will look great both with an oval and heart face forms.

11.  Bouncy Curls

Wearing bouncy curls, you will style one of the splendid women hairstyles for 2014. For this hairstyle, you should apply a special curl-enhancing cream and diffuser, recommends Serge Normant. Then use a curling tool to make bouncy curls.

12.  Straight and Half-Up and Half-Down

One of the famous hairstylists Nathaniel Hawkins suggests another thrilling woman hairstyle for 2014. Take half of your hair back and tie with a black-toned leather elastic. Apply gloss with a hairspray.

13.  Plaited Updo Hairstyle

At Victor & Rolf fashion show, plaited updo hairstyles are featured. To create this astounding woman hairstyle for 2014, apply mousse on your wet tresses and dry them with a blow dryer. Then begin braiding and adjusting them with pins. Make your hairstyle a bit messy and enjoy your trendy look.

14.  Shiny and Wavy Hairstyle

Garren, one of the famous hairstylists, teaches how to create shiny waves and look stunning for 2014. You are recommended applying mousse, which provides your hair with shine and texture. Then curl your hair with a curling tool and then brush them.

15.  Parted Ponytail Hairstyle

How lovely Blake Lively looks in her parted ponytail. It is a modernized variant of the traditional pony. Rod Ortega teaches how to style one of the nest women hairstyles for 2014. Just create a high ponytail, divide it into sections and secure each part with an elastic.  

16.  Striking Hair Color

Go for striking hair colors for 2014. Choose either a blue or a violet tone to shock your friends. Add extraordinary highlights to your hair and look flirty. Consider that you may also use tints, which are washed.

17.  Wavy Hairstyle in a Bohemian Style

The boho waves are stylish and gorgeous. For this woman hairstyle, you should go for mousse and apply it on all your tresses. Consider that your locks should be dry in order to get the desired matte and messy touch. Then use a blow dryer and curl each hairpiece. Leave the ends straight, using a flat iron.

18.  Low Ponytail with Waves

Add volume to your simple ponytail and get a modern variant. Before creating a low ponytail, apply spray and wait for half a minute. During this time, spray will sit and become dry. After sweeping your hair back, you will have textured roots.

19.  Slick Pixie Hairstyle

If you are seeking for a chic woman hairstyle for 2014, have a look at Shailene Woodley’s chopped style. For a graceful look, she makes her pixie slick and creates a side section. For this gorgeous hairstyle, you will need gel.

20.   Soft Waves

If you have curly tresses and you are tired of them, you may change them into soft waves. For this fabulous woman hairstyle, you need to apply a special product, which will define your waves and elongate the curls. Wait until your locks become dry and blow-dry only the front section to get a polished look for 2014.

21.  Wispy Short Hairstyle

Pixies look stunning, if they are styled in the right way for 2014. Garren advises to air dry your hair and then use a blow dryer. He suggests applying wax with your fingers to get a messy touch. Finally, you are to spray hairspray on your hair roots, letting the ends fall in a natural way.

22.  Simple Bun Hairstyle

To wear a simple but an attractive bun hairstyle for 2014, you have to provide the crown of your head with texture and comb the two sides. After creating a knot hairstyle and securing it with pins, apply hairspray to get rid of flyaways.

23.  Sleek Ponytail Hairstyle

Sleek and straight ponytail is among the best women hairstyles for 2014. Guido recommends using a blow dryer and make your tresses go back with your fingers. The bungee will be your best choice while securing your pony, as it is very tight.

24.  Braid Hairstyle with Band

Get inspired by another woman hairstyle for 2014 from Valentino fashion show fall 2013. For this splendid look, apply styling cream to make your tresses smooth. Use a flat brush and a blow dryer. Go for a low pony and tie using an elastic. Create a loose plait and again tie with an elastic. Accessorize your braided hairstyle with a stylish headband.

25.  70s Sleek Hairstyle

Resemble the 70s hairstyle from Donna Karan fashion show and make your hair super straight with a flat iron. Use a clip to adjust the  top part and create your stunning beauty for 2014.

26.  Low Ponytail with Peekaboo Headband

Have a look at Valentino fashion show spring 2014 and create a low ponytail, decorating it with a peekaboo headband. Use a round brush to dry your hair. Tease the top part and create a middle section. Go for a low ponytail, leaving some hairpieces out and embellish it with a peekaboo headband. Then make these hairpieces hide the ears and wrap them around your pony.

27.  Side-Swept Pony Hairstyle

Create your elegant look with a side-swept pony hairstyle for 2014. Just blow out your locks and make your low pony sweep to one side. Add a side section to your pony and wear one of the stylish women hairstyles.

28.  Golden Accessory

Here is a great option of modernizing your pony hairstyle. Go for golden barrettes to accessorize your sleek hairstyle, finding your inspiration from spring 2014 Jason Wu’s fashion show.

29.  Bob Hairstyle with Volume

To create Lily Collins’ bob hairstyle with much texture, use a texture-enhancing spray on your wet tresses and make them dry with a hair dryer and a round brush. Don’t make your hair straight, just give texture. Then take a curling tool and curl your hair, leaving the hair ends slick. Finish your look with a hairspray.

30.   Messy Updo Hairstyle

Abergel shows how to create a messy updo hairstyle for 2014. For this woman hairstyle, you will need two bobby pins, a volume-enhancing product, curling iron and a hair-dryer. After curling your tresses, apply dry shampoo or volume-enhancing spray. Then pull your hair into an updo hairstyle and finish with an hairspray to deal with flyaways.

These top 30 women hairstyles are your best friend for 2014. Take into account your hair type and length and rock any of them with the aim of shocking everyone.

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