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Pretty Date-Night Hairstyle Ideas for Women

If you seek for stylish and eye-catching hairstyles for your date, take into account these pretty date-night hairstyle ideas for women.

1.  Drew Barrymore’s Blowout Hairstyle

For a feminine and pretty look, Drew Barrymore’s glossy blowout is a perfect choice. Great hairstylist Matt Fugate recommends blow-drying your tresses with a round brush. It will let your hair ends become curvy and besides your hair will get texture. Don’t forget applying shine spray from a distance.

2.  Kerry Washington’s Side Fringe

Side fringes make your look more attractive. To style this look, you should blow dry your wet bang with a round brush. Pay attention to your bang roots while blow-drying. Make your bang go to one side and apply hairspray, which contains no water, to fight against frizz, recommends Nathaniel Hawkins. Kerry Washington’s fringe is one of the pretty date-night hairstyle ideas for women.

3.  Lily Collins’ Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Women may try another pretty date-night hairstyle idea, copying Lily Collins’ wavy bob hairstyle. For this chic look, you should use a curling iron and curl your tresses. Then you should pass your fingers through the curls to make delicate waves, says Nunzio Saviano. Besides, there should be enough texture in your hair to avoid looking dull.

4.  Doutzen Kroes’ Disheveled Ends

Here is one of the best date-night hairstyles, rocked by Doutzen Kroes. To get her glossy and wavy hairstyle, Saviano recoomends blowing out your tresses and make the ends wavy with a curling tool. Finally, apply shine serum to achieve a polished look.

5.  Sarah Hyland’s Big Wavy Hairstyle

If you are looking for an elegant look, you may experiment with Sarah Hyland’s date-night hairstyle. She tried a big wavy hairstyle and created a side-section. For this look, you will need a curling iron and hairspray.

6.  Jennifer Lawrence’s Short Hairstyle

If you wear a short hairstyle, you may copy Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie cut for your date. Don’t go for any part, just sweep your hair back and add texture. Apply styling cream with your fingers and achieve a tousled style.

7.  Beyonce’s Side-Swept Sleek Hairstyle

Beyonce’s side-swept sleek hairstyle is among the pretty date-night hairstyle ideas for women. Create a side section and sweep your straight hair to one shoulder. Use a blow dryer and gel to get this stunning look. Apply several bobby pins to make your hairstyle stay in place.

8.  Kristen Stewart’s Bedhead Hairstyle

To look ideal at your date, get your inspiration from Kristen Stewart’s bedhead hairstyle. To get this ‘untidy’ look, apply volume-enhancing mousse and wait until it dries, recommends Fugate. Don’t go for any part, just sweep your hair back.

9.  Taylor Swift’s Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

This celebrity sports another pretty date-night hairstyle idea for women. Taylor Swift adds much volume at the crown by applying texture-enhancing spray. Then she blow dries her tresses and makes curls with rollers. Finally, Taylor gets a fabulous half-up half-down hairstyle.

10.  Emmy Rossum’s Wavy Hairstyle

Provide your waves with texture and get Emmy Rossum’s wavy hairstyle. Just apply curl iron and then go for dry shampoo. Make your hair roots and ends sleek and style one of the pretty date-night hairstyles for women.

11.  Lea Michele’s Bang Hairstyle

Cut a full bang and dry it with a blow dryer. Work with your fingers to divide your fringe and spray hairspray, recommends Saviano. Make your hair wavy like Lea Michele and wear one of the pretty date-night hairstyles.

12.  Olivia Wilde’s Tousled Hair Ends

For an effective look, try Olivia Wilde’s wavy hairstyle with tousled ends. Curl your tresses from the medium length and open the curls of your hair ends for a disheveled look. Apply texture-enhancing spray.

13.  Amanda Seyfried’s Twisted Hairstyle

Go for a curly hairstyle with a side section and create a chic twist on one side like Amanda Seyfried. Adjust your twist with pins. Apply curl-enhancing lotion on your tresses to provide your hair with gloss.

Make your choice among the pretty date-night hairstyle ideas for women and look your best.

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