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Top 10 Best Hairstyle Tutorials by Lilith Moon

Looking for some inspiring hair styling ideas that will lead you to the creation of a flawless, perfect festive look? Well, check out these gorgeous hairstyles presented by Lilith Moon and see how easily you can create a real red carpet look! So, here we go!

Festive Updo with Modern Motives

Ok, what makes this updo really special is the fact that from the first sight it looks just like the traditional classy updo, but once you look closer, you’ll actually be impressed to discover a magnificent casual-chic updo with modern motives!

Fishtail Braid Festive Updo

One of the best ways to show off one of the stunning braided style trends in any big event! This is a magnificent hairstyle that if combined with the right makeup can create a soft, feminine look that will make you stand out of the crowd!

 Fab Crown Braid

Another great option to show off the latest braided style trend appears to be this super cute crown braid. In fact, depending on the style you want to create you can either add a hair accessory to it or simply leave some face framing strands hanging and achieve a flawless festive look!

Trendy Ponytail

A simple yet stunning festive hairstyle, perfect for those of you who want to create a chic look with a youthful allure! What we love about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t require a lot of hardworking yet the results don’t testify about it.

Inspired by Fairy Tails

And truly, this hairstyle is so gorgeous that hardly can one believe that it is real! A magnificent style that will perfectly emphasize you beautiful facial features and create a soft, romantic festive look that no one will be able to pass by.

Braided Updo

Another breathtaking braided updo that will perfectly embellish your festive look and make you look like a real Greek Goddess! For a flawless look we suggest you combining this gorgeous hairstyle with a cute gown dress and adding very few accessories.

Wedding Updo

Well, who said that wedding updos are only for weddings? Not only can they be one of the best options for a luxurious festive look, but they can be the rightest choice for such occasions! So, why not go for a cute wedding updo?

Loose Side Braid

This can be the best alternative for those of you who don’t want to go for a detailed festive hairstyle but prefer to follow the philosophy of less is more. Thus, a stunning loose side braid would be a great choice! In fact, if you want to make it differ from an everyday style you can add a stylish hair accessory to it and create a chic look!

Cute Updo for Long Hair

A gorgeous hairstyle that will perfectly enrich your look and add a classy vibe to it! What’s really worth-mentioning about this hairstyle is that it can actually be a new trendy approach of the classy style.

Trendy Updo for Short or Medium Length Hair

Who said that if you have short hair you can’t even think about going for a classy updo? Check out this magnificent French twist updo and get ready to create a style that will leave everyone speechless!


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