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New Year Makeup Ideas To Try

Did you notice that only few days are left until celebrating New Year? Have you decided what style and makeup you’ll choose for the upcoming big event? Well, if not yet, there is no need to panic as here we have the best New Year makeup ideas that will help you to create a flawless festive look and steal the spotlight! So, why don’t you take a look!

Luxurious Red and Gold

We love this combination of timeless red lipstick with a shimmery gold eyeshadow. What two other colors can express festive mood better than these two? This is a perfect makeup style especially for those of you, who want to create an eye-catching look yet stay faithful to classy.

Shimmery Smokey Eyes

How about adding some glitter to “traditional” smokey eyes? This way you’ll create an extra dramatic effect and add a bold vibe to the entire look, so think about it. Moreover, as our beloved stylists claim glitter and shimmer are one of the hottest makeup trends of holiday seasons, so why miss the chance to once again prove you sense of high fashion?

Cat Eyes and Red Lips

Comparably simple than the other styles mentioned above, yet simply amazing! Cat eyes have the magical power of emphasizing feminine beauty while easily creating a playful allure. And there is no doubt, cat eyes and red lips take feminine beauty to a whole another level! So, if you want to create a head-turning festive look without trying hard, this would be the best option for you.

Futuristic Festive Makeup Style

As you might have noticed by now the trends dictate focusing on eyes and trying to create a dramatic effect, which means playing with colors and textures and creating an outstanding style with futuristic elements. Thus, use more than two shades, go for bright hints and show off a daring side of you!

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