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The Most Wanted Hair Colors for Women

Each woman desires to wear a hair color, which is updated and suits her complexion ideally. In this post, we have collected the most wanted hair colors for women.

1.  Beyonce’s Ombre Hair

Beyonce’s hairstylist Rita Hazan creates an updated option of ombre. Each woman may envy Beyonce’s splendid hair color. This cool shade provides an edgy look. It is among the most wanted hair colors for women, as it is soft and graceful.

2.  Molly Sims’ Red Hair Color

Molly Sims red hair color is a great source of inspiration in Texas. Almost all women wish to create Molly’s red hair with a pink-gold undertone, claims Jose Buitron.

3.  Jessica Biel’s Brown Hair Color

Have a look at Jessica Biel’s hair color, as it is the most wanted hair color for women. All Chicago women are thrilled with Jessica’s brown hair color. The balayage at the hair roots modernized her look. No matter whether Jessica pulls off fringes or not, her stunning hair color makes her look outstanding.

4.  Amy Adams’ Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Get your inspiration from Amy Adams’ strawberry blonde hair color and you will draw everyone’s attention to you. Joel Warren claims that this hair shade is one of the most wanted hair colors for women in New York City.

5.  Jennifer Lawrence’s Blonde Hair Color

If you are seeking for a trendy and popular hair shade for you, you had better resemble Jennifer Lawrence’s blonde hair color. It is really shocking and eye catching, says Nikki Ferrara.

6.  Lauren Conrade’s Blonde Hair Color

Jose Buitron recommends combining two hair colors: balayage and ombre. In this way, you will get the most wanted hair color for women. Lauren Conrade’s blonde hair color is among the popular ones.

7.  Michelle Williams’ Blonde Hair Color

Go for another celebrity hair color, which is ultra-popular in Atlanta. Michelle Williams, one of the celebrities, wears a blonde hair color on her pixie hairstyle, says Stephen Dyer.

8.  Lily Aldridge’s Brown Hair Color

Tracey Cunningham recommends opting for Lily Aldridge’s brown hair color, if you are in search of the most wanted hair color for women. This hair shade is trendy in Beverly Hills.

9.  Kate Middleton’s Chocolate Brown Hair Color

For a modern and edgy look, try Kate Middleton’s screaming hair color with gloss. She also opted for strawberry highlights and created texture, claims Hazan.

10.  Jessica Chastain’s Auburn Hair Color

Auburn is the most wanted hair color for women. Leslie Shore claims that to achieve Jessica Chastain’s splendid hair color, she has to blend metallic tones and go for balayage highlights.

Create your own look, getting inspired by the most wanted hair colors for women.

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