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Panthenol for Haircare

My hair has always been problematic because it’s really thick but has super fine strands. This means my hair would often look like a cloud and gets dry very easily. I used to have really bad hair days. I would switch conditioners and buy different types of hair masks in the hopes of finding one that would finally tame my frizz and make it silky soft and smooth. As anyone who has been in the same situation with me, this is not an easy task.

My search for the perfect hair conditioner has led me to check out the ingredients contained in them. I found out that the ingredient panthenol is supposed to work great wonders for the hair.

Panthenol for Hair

This ingredient functions mainly as a humectants, which is known as a substance that helps attract and retain moisture. I found out that this is in fact an ingredient that is most often used in hair and skin care products to help prevent dryness. I also found out that Procter & Gamble loves this ingredient so much that they even have a whole line of hair care products based on it – the Pantene Pro-V!

But what does panthenol has to be able to hold in moisture? Well for one, its molecular structure allows it to get moisture from the atmosphere and then bind it to water molecules, which means you have a product that adds much-needed moisture to hair and skin even after you have showered. Another great thing I discovered about panthenol was that it has the ability to spread very evenly to hair strands and thus you get a nice and shiny film on the hair that makes your crowning glory look shinier and glossier. I was pleased to find out that this very film also gives the hair that “slippery” feel which discourages tangles and knots.

I’ve decided to try out a special panthenol conditioner and hair mask and I must say that so far, the results have been quite good! I can’t wait to see what happens to my hair in the long term.

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