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My Fave Celeb/Pet Combo

A Chanel bag might make any celebrity look gorgeous and put together but nothing tickles my fancy more than when I see fashionable celebs walking around with their pets. To me, there is nothing cuter and the way these celebs cuddle up to their doggies just adds to their beauty. I love dogs so I have to say that I am partial to celebrities that have furry doggy friends but I do not discriminate and I think all pets are gorgeous. Have a look at some of my favorite fashionable celebrities and their amazingly cute pets below!

Marc Jacobs and Spinee

When talking about fashionable celebrities, there is no one more fashionable than designer Marc Jacobs and his English Bull Terrier named Spinee. This is one gorgeous pair and the best part is they are not afraid to show how much they love each other in public. This is definitely the kind of PDA I can live with. Take a look at them having a go at it in public during one of their days out.

Martha Stewart and Her Brood

Martha Stewart is one pet-crazy celebrity and while I would love to give you a list of her pets and their names, I will get all confused. She has 4 chow chows and several Himalayan cats. You can bet that those pets live in the lap of luxury and probably eat better than the rest of us reading this! That is Martha Stewart after all and her pets deserve nothing but the best!

Adam Sandler and Meatball

Adam Sandler is one funnyman that has the most adorable English bulldog. The funny celebrity’s bulldog is named Meatball and not only does he hang out with Adam nearly everywhere he goes but he also wore a suit to his human’s wedding. Adam Sandler seems to really like English bulldogs since he has another one named Matzoball who is just as cute as Meatball.

I just love watching celebs hang out with their pets. It is a very good reminder that despite their fame and money, they are just regular people who enjoy the simple things in life with their furry friends.

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